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Are You a Woman Over 50 Who Feels Stuck?

Want to Move Forward Into a New Chapter in Your Life?

If you are like many women over 50, you feel stuck in some areas of your life, but have a strong feeling that there must be a way through the maze to a life which feels revived and renewed. Perhaps you feel stalled in your marriage or relationship, wanting it to be more vibrant and alive. Perhaps you feel stuck in your career, or at a crossroads, wondering whether you should retire, but not being sure what else you would do. Maybe you feel that you have a lot to give, but don't know who to give it to or where to put your energy.  

Do you have a vague feeling that there is a lot more to life than what you have experienced so far, but you don't know how to find it or where to go next?
I assist women over 50 to understand and move through pain, overwhelm and obstacles in their lives, whether emotional, in relationship or career, so they can feel joyful and contribute that joy to the healing of the planet.

The Dalai Lama was recently quoted as saying that the world will be saved by western women! What an amazing statement, full of exciting possibilities and opportunities to make an enormous difference. But in order to do that, you have to get out of the mire of your personal problems, put on your dancing shoes, find your tribe and get busy! That is what I help you to do. So if you feel secretly angry, overwhelmed, frustrated or are living life through the rear view mirror instead of the windshield, thinking there isn't another chapter for you - think again. The world needs you, yes YOU, so I invite you to get clear and get going.
I have been helping women to gain insight into themselves, their lives and challenges since 1986. All of those years of experience can benefit you! I have a solid track record of opening internal doors where none were perceived before.

The journey to a life you will love is an inside job, so if you would like to get clear and get going, have a look further into this website for information and examples about how I work and how my work might benefit you. If it feels right to you, be sure to request a free "30 Minutes to Greater Clarity" phone session.

Now that you have an idea about the purpose of my work, you can
click here to find out more about the women I work with and the issues they face.


"Each of us is given a corner of the universe which is ours to transform. Our corner of the universe is our own life, our relationships, our work, our current circumstances, exactly as they are. Every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity to teach love instead of fear."

~ Marianne Williamson



 NEW FOR 2012





Visit Susan's blog site for information about her new book, "Finding Your Way From Jaded to Joy: Quotes, Stories and Insights for Women Over 50" and to download a beautiful collage of quotes from the book to post on your wall for an inspiring start to your day!

"Susan's gentle guidance allowed me to connect to my own inner guidance and wisdom. I am thankful for her support and positive reinforcement."

~ Ivonne Plankey


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