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About Susan

I popped out of my mother's womb wondering about the meaning of life. As a young child, I sought out and sat in a lot of churches. At age 11, I began reading the Bible every night and then branched out into reading about the major world religions. From there, I wended my way through academic studies in psychology, theology, eastern and western philosophy. But something was missing in all of this searching - I did not have a sense of satisfaction, but didn't know why. I was studying my very favourite subjects, with excellent and insightful professors, yet it somehow the process had an emptiness to it.

In an effort to find the missing piece, I began to look toward spirituality. As I moved in the direction of spiritual understanding, I felt like a parched person wandering in the desert who had finally been given directions and a drink.

I identified spirituality as the essence which underlies all religious traditions - the soil from which they have all sprung. In sinking my hands into that soil, I felt a deep satisfaction well up inside me. I recognized this essence as primarily experiential and existing in every blade of grass and mundane daily chore. Rather than accumulate new information, what I needed to do was divest myself of everything which did not spring from that soil. Life became a process of simplifying, and looking for that essence in every aspect of my life.

In an effort to understand how the body fit in to the picture, I became certified in massage therapy. In the middle of giving my very first professional massage, as I was suggesting relaxing images to my client, she promptly experienced a vivid, profound and lengthy past life recall. We were both completely stunned by this, as I had done nothing to induce this experience, and she was an atheist who did not believe in reincarnation.

Thus I was introduced to my calling in life, or rather, it introduced itself to me. I was kind of like a jumper cable, serving as a connector and guide. I enhanced my abilities by becoming certified in hypnosis, which supports my intuition in each session. I have now facilitated hundreds of inner journeys, assisting my clients to gain insight into their challenges and to expand their horizons through working with their own inner resources.
Sharing ........

In the 1990s, I began writing articles about my discoveries and my understanding, some of which, I am happy to say, were published.
In the early 1990s I began conducting courses in uncovering life purpose, dream interpretation and the personal evolution of women. From 1987 to 2000, I facilitated a weekly breakfast meeting which featured speakers from around the world, reflecting the cutting edge in holistic health, metaphysics, spirituality and personal growth. The Calgary Herald called Synergy Breakfast "an eclectic smorgasbord", which it was indeed. It was not only an incredible education about the emerging fields of new thought, new physics and new spirituality, but it also provided a warm and welcoming community for people who embraced these new ways of thinking and being.

Currently, my focus is on the power of women to change the world. If we get clear and get going, I know we can do it.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I invite you to visit
my contact page to set up a time for a free "30 Minutes to Greater Clarity" session.


"A woman knows that nothing can be born without darkness, and nothing can come to fruition without light."

~ Diane Mariechild


"Susan is the most nurturing counsellor I have met. Immediately, when you come into her space, you feel safe and cared for. Susan has an uncanny ability to share life changing insights with ease and compassion. She is one of those rare individuals who truly listens and understands where you are coming from and what you have experienced. She gently guides the shifts in awareness that are needed to experience your life in a whole new and empowering way."

~ Leanne Dalderis, Calgary


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