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I like to think that it is fun to work with me, but it is also challenging and invigorating. Getting in touch with your essential self and removing the blocks to living a life you love takes focus and commitment, but it is also very exciting, and makes you feel alive.

It is safe and comforting to discover your inner guidance and it can help you resolve your current challenges in an effective manner unique to you. You will learn new skills and abilities to address your day to day challenges.

Although every client requires a different approach, and each session is an individual experience, the attitude with which I approach each session is the same: I know that the core of you is innocent and loving with the capability of experiencing joy, and I am committed to introducing you to that core!


"Some people say I cannot sing. But no one can say I didn't sing."

Florence Jenkins

"Once again, I can't begin to express how much you help me. You have a gift of listening to all the convoluted thoughts, and cutting right to the heart of things - and then giving me several new ways of thinking of something that frees up the log jam."

Bonnie Schroeder, Calgary

Get in Touch!
I do sessions over the phone in some cases. If you do not live in Calgary but want to work with me, we can discuss the possibility of phone sessions after you have experienced a "30 Minutes to Greater Clarity" call with me.
If you have read through the website and would like to find out more about the possibility of working with me to see if together we can resolve whatever current issue you may be dealing with, please get in touch to set up a free, "30 Minutes to Greater Clarity" phone session.

During this call, we will gain clarity on your current issue and I will tune in intuitively in order to make suggestions regarding how you may handle it. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to see if you feel comfortable with me and my thoughts about your situation.

If both of us feel that more insight is needed, and we feel there is a fit, we can set up an appointment time to meet in person, or perhaps over the phone to do further work on your area of concern.


To arrange a free 30 Minutes to Greater Clarity phone session, please send email to Susan, including the following information;
Email Address
Phone Number
Immediate area of concern

Phone 403-240-0352
Calgary, Alberta




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