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"A dream is an unopened letter to yourself." ~ The Talmud

Dreams always come in the service of health and wholeness. Even scary dreams are trying to jog you into taking action to address parts of yourself or your life which are not working. The more you pay attention to your dreams, the more frequent they will become and the more easily you will remember them. Dreams are a very effective and inexpensive form of therapy!

Dreams in the same night often refer to the same issue and can therefore give you clues to their collective meaning.

Dreams often use sequence as an expression of cause and effect. The first scene describes the issue being examined, and the action in the first scene causes the action in the second scene. The second scene results in the third and so on, until the last scene, which usually suggests a possible direction toward the resolution of the issue being addressed.

Lighting in dreams can be significant. Brilliant color may indicate a message from the superconscious self and may be prophetic. Normal color can be considered a message from higher creative states. Subdued color, shadowy greens and browns, may indicate that the dream comes from the emotional level. Very dark coloring may indicate a dream for the deep subconscious.

Dreams often make extensive use of puns, which can convey a tremendous amount of information in only one word or image. When you record your dream, read back over your notes and look for puns in the words you have written.

Looking in through a window in a dream is often an overview of the subconscious inner life.

Feelings are a very good way to trace a dream to its origin in your life. If you can find a situation in your previous day which caused you to feel the way you felt in the dream, you will very likely have discovered the issue the dream is trying to clarify.

Dreams where one character or image is trying to impose its will overtly or covertly on another part, likely indicates that some part of you is trying to suppress another part.

A dream where one is constantly frustrated or prevented from achieving a goal is likely indicating self-sabotage in some area of your life.

An excellent way to work with a dream is to re-enter it in your imagination and interact with the dream images and characters, asking them what their purpose is in being in your dream.

When you have correctly interpreted a dream and understood its primary message for you, you will usually feel a response in your body, a kind of internal "yes!" which is your inner dream maker giving you a high five : It also indicates that a subtle shift has taken place in your psyche in response to the new understanding you have just integrated through correctly understanding the message of the dream. Then it is important to integrate that new understanding into your daily life


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