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Create Your Own Inspirational Book


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This idea was born out of the realization that what is inspiring to one person, is not necessarily so for another. Most of the time when we read a book of quotes or poems, we find that we are powerfully struck by some of them, but not all. To compile what is most inspiring to you in one place creates a very powerful tool which you can easily access at any time.

Here are some suggestions to consider, and a step by step process to go through to create a book which will be a perfect fit for you on those days when you need help remembering that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Step One: Begin by finding a blank journal which feels wonderful to look at and yummy to touch.
You can choose one with a blank cover which you can embellish yourself, perhaps giving it a title like "Good Words for Bad Days" ~ compiled by Mary Smith.

Or you can choose one which already has an illustration on the front which touches you in some way.
Make sure the journal is a size which will be easy for you to work with, and preferably one which will lie flat when you open it. If you want to take it with you on trips, consider what size would be most convenient. If you would like to carry it with you daily, perhaps in your purse, you may want to choose a smaller size.

Step Two: Collect all your inspiring treasures in one place. You can either do this slowly, over a period of days or weeks, or you can do a blitz, where you spend a day or two going through books, journals and your old dusty cedar chest to find things which make you smile and feel better.

Consider spending a few evenings browsing through your favourite magazines and cutting out illustrations, words and quotes which appeal to you. If you don't have magazines which you love, thrift stores will often have a supply of older magazines for sale at very inexpensive prices.

If you regularly keep a journal, you might consider reading through them and highlighting significant passages which you can then type or write out. Consider embellishing each of these passages on your computer word program with a pretty font and border.

Look for art implements such as calligraphy pens, felt markers, coloured pens etc. If you are a bling type girl, get beautiful colors of glitter and pretty stickers from the scrapbooking section of your art supply or dollar store.

Step Three: Find a time when you will have several hours to yourself, and a clear space to work in. Put on your favourite music and gather together your new journal, quotes, poems, significant passages, photos and illustrations so they are in one place. Spread them all out in front of you and give some thought to how you would like to organize them in the book. By subject? By colour? Chronologically? Would you like quotes in one section, poems in another and passages from your journals in a third section? Would you prefer to arrange them according to how they address particular challenges for you - fears about your health for instance, or insecurity about your career, so that when you encounter a challenge, you can immediately open your journal to the applicable page to access a "spiritual antidote"? Or would it feel best to let your heart guide you in a spontaneous manner as to the placement of items in the book?

Be sure to give yourself enough time for this project so you don't feel rushed. This book has the potential to be a good friend for years to come, so do honour it by giving it adequate time and space.

There is no right or wrong way to compile your Inspirational Book. Remember that you can always create another one, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Good luck, and enjoy reading your own personal Inspirational Book for years to come!



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