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I offer a variety of approaches for accessing your inner guidance to assist you with the challenges in your life. These approaches will be tailored to you and your particular issue, whether it is a single challenge or a more complex series of issues.

The services I offer fall into six main categories, all of which are designed to assist you in moving forward through any blocks which may be hindering your progress, and to give you the tools needed to help you create a life you will truly love to live.
 Overview of Services
  I do sessions over the phone in some cases. If you do not live in Calgary but want to work with me, we can discuss the possibility of phone sessions after you have experienced a "30 Minutes to Greater Clarity" call with me.
Big Picture counselling sessions
The purpose of these sessions is to help you gain insight into, and to resolve, specific situations of concern. Perhaps you are bothered by a particular problem such as a difficult relationship with someone, or a decision needing to be made, or maybe you have general anxiety about a particular situation. In the session, we would identify the immediate issue and then work to find the underlying unconscious dynamics in yourself and the other people involved in the situation. We would then ask to see the situation from the point of view of your higher mind, or spiritual self, and to ask for solutions from that higher perspective. In most cases, you will be given specific solutions for dealing with the challenge, and new strength with which to implement the solutions. You will leave the session encouraged, with a broader perspective on yourself and the issue.
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Discover a Life You Will Love to Live

If you are at a crossroads, or want to pursue a new path in life or to find more meaning in your current life but are not sure how to do that, I offer a 6 session journey which specifically targets the discovery of your purpose in life. As Deepak Chopra has often stated, "There is something that you can do better than anyone in the whole world." If you find that thing, you will also find a joyful life.

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Make Friends With Your Dreams

Although I use dream interpretation in all private sessions, I have also put together a 5 session program to provide specific guidance for you in how to use your dreams to assist you in everyday life, and in resolving specific issues. In these sessions, you will learn specific tools with which to explore and understand your dreams. The Talmud says "A dream is an unopened letter to yourself." If you received a letter in the mail, would you leave it sitting on the sideboard? Even working with one dream each week will provide you with significant information to assist you in your life.

I offer this program one on one, and also in small groups, so if you have a group of friends who would like to explore the amazing resource that dreams provide, we can arrange that. Be sure to check out "Clues for the Dream Sleuth" in the
free resource section where you can also listen to an interview with me about the significance of dreams.

  Go to more about Making Friends With Your Dreams, or contact me here to book a session.
Spiritual Coaching
Traditional religion has been greatly shaken up by the information age, which has resulted in unprecedented numbers of people questioning their faith and leaving the institutions they grew up in. While this reflects a great freedom of belief, it has also left many people feeling spiritually lost, confused or guilty. Through helping you access your own inner knowing, I can assist you in clarifying what you really do believe. I also provide you with many resources to help you find a new belief system which will support you in living a joyful life.
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Create Your Own Inspirational Book

This is a fun, small group get together which provides a framework for you to compile the most inspiring entries from your journals, the most significant quotes from your fridge door, the tattered letter of encouragement written to you by your aunt Mary, the photo of your dog which makes you cry…… into one beautiful journal. You can then embellish it with color and sparkles and drawings and magazine illustrations - limited only by your imagination. You will leave with an inspirational book which reassures and comforts you whenever you pick it up. You can keep it beside your bed or take it with you on business trips like an encouraging companion.

  Go to more on Create Your Own Inspirational Book workshops, or see the Free Resource page for instructions on how to create your own inspiring book.
Discover Your Best Self

This is the most comprehensive program I offer, and it incorporates all aspects of my work. The Discover Your Best Self program is designed to move you from the person you are now to the person you have the potential to be: to find your best self so you can create a life you love. We all have gold hidden inside, waiting to be uncovered and engaged. This involves defining your life purpose and moving forward into it while dissolving any blocks you have to moving into your best self.


The Discover Your Best Self program will help you get clear and get going, in a comprehensive way.

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"The most pressing question for us is how to reconnect with hope, faith and love, and how to use those states for minding the body and mending the mind. Without peace of mind, life is just a shadow of its possibilities."

~ Joan Borysenko
"I came to Susan in one of the darkest times of my life. I was gambling and grieving the loss of my father and my dog. I hated myself, my life and really just wanted it to end. Through the guidance, support and non judgmental caring and wisdom that Susan provided for me, I now have purpose, my life has meaning and I'm putting one foot in front of the other. "

~ anonymous


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