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The premise of this course is that we each come into this life with a purpose embedded in our subconscious mind. It is obscured by our cultural and family conditioning, so it needs to be uncovered later in life. Through this process of uncovering and subsequently living this purpose, we grow and learn about ourselves and life. It introduces us to a bigger, happier self inside of us, and then to a bigger, happier world where we can contribute our new found gifts.

A garden is a good metaphor for us. We come with seeds embedded deeply in the ground and our task is to water, weed and fertilize appropriately so the seeds grow and the garden becomes vibrant and healthy. In this course you will learn what your particular seed packet contains and how to nurture it.

Living your life purpose requires bringing your whole self into what you are doing. When the entire self has a means of expression, you experience passion and fulfillment. The experience of joy is the most important sign that we are living our life purpose, which is always creative and life enhancing.

In this course, you will be invited to learn more about, and to work with, inner resources such as dreams, visualization and inner guidance. You will become familiar with the "toolbox" you brought into this life to work with, and explore what it may best be suited to do. You will have an opportunity to find your gifts and talents and explore how you might have fun contributing them to humanity. You will leave the course with an understanding of what part you play in the big picture of life, and with specific ideas about what to do with your purpose, with an understanding of how to experience joy in your life.

The course involves six weekly, two hour, one on one sessions. It is also available to small groups (maximum six participants) for six weekly, three hour sessions.

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"Susan and I have been acquainted since 1993, first when I discovered Synergy Breakfast on Friday each week. Susan was the co-ordinator and inspiration in continuing this amazing get together for people wanting another approach to living. Later on, I began to consult Susan on an ongoing basis to help me understand things going on in my life at the present time and their relationship to the roots and issues from the past. Susan has a wonderful sense of humour and wisdom which are so helpful in providing ways of discovering what lies in the heart, mind and soul. Most recently, now that I am 81, she has helped me get clear about a new chapter in my life, which is to record the stories of immigrant women. I am happy to be able to recommend her for any kind of advice and I gladly authorize this message being passed on to anyone interested."

Jean Yungblut, Calgary


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