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Each night when you lie down in your comfortable bed, your inner therapist hops up ready for action, rubbing its hands in delight at the opportunity to get some inner work done. Carefully comparing your thoughts and actions from the day just passed with your deepest ideals, your creative inner dream maker puts together scenarios designed to scare or inspire you into action; or into examining more closely how you are living your life, and whether or not it is serving your highest good.

All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness, even though they might sometimes wear frightening or confusing costumes in order to gain our attention. We can trust that there is a spirit of helpfulness abroad in the universe, which is reflected in our dreams. Working with dreams on a regular basis improves all our relationships, including the most important one: our relationship with ourselves. Because they serve the evolving self, dreams urge us forward into new vistas, both external and internal. When you state the intention to understand the messages being sent to you via your dreams, you will find yourself on a most amazing journey.
The course that I offer in dream interpretation will give you specific tools to remember and understand the dreams you are currently having, as well as tools to encourage dreams to come to you to lend insight into specific issues going on in your life.

Option one: The full course in dream interpretation for an individual involves 5 sessions of two hours each. You will be requested to find a journal and begin to keep track of your dreams - coming to each session prepared to discuss and work with one particular dream. In this course you will learn many different techniques to encourage dreams, remember them and to interpret those dreams you are currently having.

Option two: A group course for a maximum of five participants involves 5 sessions of 3 hours each. Each participant will be requested to find an appropriate journal and begin to keep track of their dreams. Each person should come to the class prepared to discuss and work with a particular dream.
In this course you will learn how to encourage dreams, to remember and record them, and many different ways of interpreting them. You will also learn a lot from hearing the dreams of the other participants, and your perceptions of their dreams, and their perceptions of your dreams, are typically very helpful, insightful and enlightening.

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"I learned a lot in the course and feel I have much to contemplate. Many doors have been opened for me through understanding more about my dreams."

J. Silver, Edmonton


"One has only to use what is at hand and the next step will be supplied. For there are helping forces always at work to guide the unfolding and spending of a human life. There is a spirit abroad in the universe of helpfulness, kindness and wisdom."

Edgar Cayce on Dreams


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