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In my practice, I have seen many people who have said something to the effect of "I was brought up in the XYZ church but now I am an atheist (agnostic/don't know what to believe)."

"Connect with your true spirit"

We have the freedom now, both internally and culturally, to decide for ourselves what we are going to believe. There is a personal autonomy emerging which recognizes and acknowledges the validity of internal authority, where for centuries, external authority has been pervasive. While this emerging trend is exhilarating, for those who have chosen to leave their traditional religions behind and to strike out on their own to find their own belief system, the task can be daunting.

In the Spiritual Coaching program, I help you to gain clarity on the belief system you left behind, as well as why you left it. I assist you to recognize any parts of that system which may still be true for you, and help you to see where you may be reacting against that system in a way which may be detrimental for you.


"Susan combines compassion, patience and gentleness with meticulously prepared reading material, and insightful commentary. She helps people to rediscover what they have, at a deeper level, always known"

Pam Pritchard, Calgary

I make many suggestions regarding concepts, books and groups to explore which may be a spiritual fit for you, but my primary role is to help you recognize what is true for you. It is my experience that we can learn to discern what is true and relevant by paying attention to our intuition and our bodies. We have a "felt sense", an internal "yes" or knowing which indicates truth, and we can trust that knowing. It is like we have always unconsciously known what is true, and are now just remembering it.

If this feels right to you, and if you want to examine your previous belief system or establish a new belief system, please contact me to discuss the Spiritual Coaching program.

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