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Success Stories
In order to give you a better idea about what it is like to work with me, here are some success stories for you to read. Although the people involved have given permission for the pertinent aspects of their stories to be used, names and details have been changed to protect their privacy.

Connie ~ Relationship Challenges

Connie had a history of being involved in abusive relationships, and wanted to understand why her relationships always ended up looking similar. Through discussion, visualization, working with her dreams and finding her inner guide, Connie was able to understand why she chose abusive men. As she became conscious of her typical habits and responses while in relationship, she was able to learn new habits, and more effective ways of assessing the appropriateness of potential partners. Click here to read a more detailed account of Connie's journey.

Jessica ~ Feeling Stuck

Jessica felt stuck in both her marriage and her career, but didn't understand why or what to do about it. She experienced anxiety when anything in her life changed so she tended to keep everything the same, which increased her feeling that she was going nowhere. Through visualization and working with an animal guide, Jessica was able to reduce her anxiety, to relax and open up to living a larger life. All aspects of her life, including her relationship with her husband, were improved by her expanded horizons. Click here to read a more detailed account of Jessica's journey.

Mary - Finding New Passion

Mary was a single parent who had been laid off with limited resources to work with. She felt panicked and unable to figure out what to do next. Using visualization, we were able to find techniques to help her relax, which reduced her panic enough to allow her to work through my "Discover a Life You Will Love to Live" process which revealed that her real passion was dogs and dog training. Being involved with dogs and following her passion gave her renewed energy which improved every area of her life. Click here to read a more detailed account of Mary's journey.

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"Living never wore one out as much as the effort not to live."

~ Anais Nin

"I have the very highest recommendation for Susan Letourneau's therapy sessions. Her guidance has helped me immensely. Her sessions are certainly among the very most significant, pleasant, & memorable events in my life & spiritual evolvement. The results were positive & lasting and helped me develop as a strong spiritual being. Susan's rare ability to listen with a laser focus without projecting preconceived notions, combined with her warm gentle nonjudgmental nature, creates a safe environment enabling the opening of core issues to new very healthy perspectives. One of the great values of her sessions was creating a lasting image of myself as a warm & strong spiritual person. That has served to sustain me in life's ups & downs. Her therapy is very powerful & effective."

~ J.W , Fort McMurray, AB


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