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Mary | Needing a Passion in Life

Mary had been laid off her job and was in a panic. She did not know what to do next, and her financial resources would only last for a limited amount of time. Therefore, she needed to decide what to do next, very quickly. She came to me hoping that I could help her quell the panic she felt, and also to assist her in figuring out the most appropriate next step.

In our initial discussion, it was clear that Mary's 10 year career as an accountant had been stable and provided an adequate living for her and her two young children, but she had never loved accounting. Although she hadn't gone to work with a sense of dread each day, neither had she been happy to go. Her characterization of the job was that it was "dreary and mundane", so part of her was happy the job had ended, and part of her was terrified of the unknown.

The process:
Through working with visualization, we were able to get Mary's panic under control and to provide her with relaxation methods she could employ on her own.
Next, she worked through my "Discover a Life You Will Love to Live" course where she got in touch with the things she really loved to do in life - the things which made her happy just to think about. It turned out that she loved to be involved with animals and had a deep desire to be a dog trainer. In order to finance the courses she needed to become a trainer, she took a job as an accountant for a chain of pet stores. She felt happy because she was peripherally involved with animals, could run out and hug them anytime plus provide occasional support for the pet store employees. She felt better about doing the accounting work because she felt very connected to the pet business she was working for.

What she realized:
Before coming to see me, Mary had not incorporated any "energy givers" into her life
- things that enlivened her and made her feel joyful. Because she didn't really like her job, it actually depleted her energy each day, so that she went home to her children without very much left to give them. She loved her children, but the inherent difficulties in being a single parent depleted her energy further. This loss of energy became a vicious circle, with Mary having less and less energy to invest into her life. The introduction of playing and working with dogs was an immediate energy giver for Mary. Each time she interacted with dogs, she felt better, and over time, she felt much better on an ongoing basis. As a result, she was a more involved and energetic parent.

The result:
Everything in her life improved because Mary had more energy and enthusiasm, and was a much happier person. Mary had always felt a little isolated from life, and a little bit lonely. When she realized that her purpose in life was to work with animals, she began to feel more connected to people and to life in general. She felt a sense joy which she had not previously felt in her life and which spilled over into all areas of her life. Mary is currently happily moving forward toward her dream, and is enjoying the current mix of accounting and pet care.

"If I love with my spirit, I don't have to think so hard with my head"

~ Peggy Cahn


"The sessions with Susan are like a journey to me: during a session, she guides me to my own path, my own images and with her gentle aid I uncover areas that help me to understand whatever issue I have at the time. One of the most important aspects in Susan's work is that I feel safe at all times and appreciate the non rushed approach. I leave the sessions with information that stays with me and helps me to cope better and understand my self and the world that surrounds me."

~ Susana Leng, Calgary

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